Here’s Your One and Only Chance to ACCELERATE Your Results, STOP Hair Loss and Thinning In as Fast as 4 Days, and RESTORE Hair Lost due to Viral Diseases

Here’s Your One and Only Chance to ACCELERATE Your Results, STOP Hair Loss and Thinning In as Fast as 4 Days, and RESTORE Hair Lost due to Viral Diseases

Introducing the Noor Hair Super Serum

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Hey there, Angela here - We're so grateful you chose Noor, and to show a token of our thanks, we want to offer you our best deal of all time… This one-time opportunity is only accessible on this page. Please do not leave this page since it may be the last time you see it.

Hey there, Angela here - We're so grateful you chose Noor, and to show a token of our thanks, we want to offer you our best deal of all time…

This one-time opportunity is only accessible on this page. Please do not leave this page since it may be the last time this offer is available.

As recent hair growth research has proved, it’s very important to 1) get results as fast as possible and 2) enhance your new results and your new thick, youthful head of hair.

So our research team here at Noor have developed a rapid results based remedy consisting of 5 essential hair-boosting ingredients packed full of rejuvenating, hair-boosting, anti-stress and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help ACCELERATE your results, and kickstart your hair growth as fast as possible.

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Here’s what’s inside the Noor Hair Super Serum:

Ingredient #1

The Chinese ‘Living Fossil’ Tree That Increases Blood Flow To Your Scalp


Japanese scientists recently discovered that this strange plant helps promote hair regrowth!1

For thousands of years, the Chinese used Ginkgo because of its plethora of health benefits and “strengthening” properties. This may explain why the Chinese experience less hair loss and thinning than others.

It works by increasing blood flow to the scalp. More blood to the scalp = more hair growth.

Plus, it also strengthens your hair’s smallest blood vessels called capillaries. They are responsible for getting the essential nutrients to the hair follicles, so they grow healthy, strong, and thick.

When the hair doesn’t get enough nutrients, it grows weak, brittle, and eventually falls off…

This is what makes his exotic plant so effective. And the best part is that most hair growth serums on the market do not have Ginkgo Biloba. Noor's Super Serum is one of the only ones to contain this wonder ingredient!

Ingredient #2

The Hair Protector That Keeps Hair Hydrated, Prevents Breakage And Weak Hair


Found in pumpkin seeds, recent research is showing that Linoleic Acid Change to: is one of the most powerful DHT blockers on the market.2 Studies found that it is 47% MORE effective than minoxidil in blocking DHT, without the negative side effects!2

A study from the Journal of Cosmetic Science discovered that using this acid helps hair elasticity, making it stronger, easier to manage, and make it fuller. It also blocks nasty pollutants that can damage the hair in day-to-day life such as bacteria and fungi.

And more importantly, they noticed that since it protects hair from the inside out. Promoting healthy hair growth by nourishing and lubricating hair follicles from the moment they begin growing!

Ingredient #3

The True Cinnamon That Only Grows In Sri Lanka And Contains More Bioactive Compounds For Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hair


This rare form of raw cinnamon is found in Southeast Asia, and it's known as the purest form of Cinnamon as it contains more bioactive compounds than any other type of Cinnamon around the world.

And for thousands of years no one knew how effective it was in stopping hair loss and growing it back. But in a change to: recent study, subjects were exposed to this special cinnamon extract. The results? The group treated with the unique cinnamon showed remarkable hair regrowth, far surpassing those who weren't.3 This compelling evidence suggests this rare cinnamon might just be the secret ingredient for those seeking luscious, full locks.

Turns out that it’s so powerful because it promotes healthy circulation in your scalp while fighting off bad bacteria that may be causing hair loss…

Plus, it helps reduce irritation in the scalp, creating a new healthy environment for thicker hair to grow back while increasing your hair's natural growth cycle!

Ingredient #4

The Secret Compound To Reduce Stress In Your Hair And Boost Hair Thickness


This amazing compound is said to be the best natural solution to combat stress, which is one of the main reasons for hair loss!

Multiple Japanese studies discovered that this little-known compound helps support a balanced Adrenal Gland (the gland responsible for secret stress!) Which will put the follicles back in the “active” state and kickstart thicker, fuller, hair growth… fast!4 But that's not all…

See, a totally different group of researchers ran a clinical trial on 73 people struggling with hair fall and thinning hair. Of the 73 people, 20 were given Pantothenic Acid. They took it for 4 months…

And when the results came back, the researchers were astonished. They found that people in the Pantothenic Acid group experienced the biggest change in hair thickness… even more than minoxidil!4

Ingredient #5

The Palma Christi Oil That Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years In Traditional Medicine


Our final ingredient is also known as “The Palma Christi Oil”, used for thousands of years in Egypt, India, and China for its powerful healing and protective powers… Just as Christ healed the sick and performed miracles.

After all the hard work you made to regrow, protect and nourish your hair, we need to make it stronger than ever to prevent falling or thinning again. Castor Oil is full of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that will help strengthen your hair from the root… Making it far stronger than they were before and less prone to breakage.

While also nourishing it and giving it the perfect hydration to protect your hair from external pollutants and stress…

This powerful combination allows your follicles to withstand more damage in the future, so your beautiful new head of thick hair lasts as long as possible without any breakage or thinning.

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14 of June, 2023

From The Desk of Noor's lead hair growth researcher

“As you probably know, when you stop any hair loss treatment the rebound effect can actually leave you further away from where you were before you even started, which is exactly why the Noor Super Serum was created and why it’s so important.

You see, during the vulnerable months that follow your Noor transformation, you’ll also use this special Super Serum in order to completely strengthen the new hairs from the root to ensure the effects are long-lasting. And you’ll do so with just 30 seconds a day! 

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